Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Boy Who Lived Will Never Die

The last and final movie of Harry Potter recently came out, and the big marketing scheme on every poster is "it all ends 7.15". What? Just because all of the movies have come out certainly does not mean that everything about Harry Potter has ended. The world of Harry Potter is far from being over. A new aspect of this creation is just beginning while other aspects are still continuing. I feel that a piece of the wizarding world becomes a part of each person who steps onto its threshold. This magical place in our heart will always be there unless we ourselves cast it away or let it fade into extinction. Every follower of these books should implement at least one aspect of Potter into their lives to keep the magic from fading. 
You may ask why, "Why is it so important?” and the reason being it makes you a better person. When you read the books you are exposed to certain values and traits that make you want to seek after and achieve good things. A love for others and selflessness is demonstrated, and if the human race sought after and had more of these traits and values, mankind would progress for the better. If you don’t believe me, check out The Harry Potter Alliance, of which the main goal is to fight the Dark Arts which exist in today’s world.
I have been a Harry Potter fan throughout my childhood and into adulthood (If you can call being 20 years old an adult), and it wasn’t until last year that I found out about Harry Potter Conventions. Now when you think of conventions you probably think of a bunch of freaks geeking out about a certain thing. While there may be freaks, and everyone is really enthusiastic about Harry Potter, the majority of people are really nice and just fun to be around. The great thing about Harry Potter is that there are so many different people, of different ages, a part of this fandom. Conventions are like a huge party where everyone shares a love for, and are enthusiastic about the same thing. Pretty much as long as you like Harry Potter everyone at these conventions is a friend just waiting to be made. These conventions are continuing: Leaky Con 2012, Ascendio 2012, and I am extremely excited for Potter Con 2012. As a college student, I won’t have the money to go to Leaky Con or Ascendio, but everyone with access to the internet and twenty dollars can go to Potter Con. Potter Con will be the first convention completely livestreamed, so that everyone who wants to, can watch and re watch this convention.
 The first convention that I went to was Infinitus 2010; which took place in Florida at the Universal Studios theme park. Well, mainly the convention took place in one of the parks hotels, but it was just a boat ride from the park and thus the entrance to The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter. The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter is essentially Hogsmeade, though it does have a shop or two from Diagon Alley. As you walk into “Hogsmeade” the beautiful black and red of the Hogwarts Express steam engine is there to greet you with a puff of smoke. Past the Hogwarts Express are a bunch of quirky little boutiques, rides featuring hippogriffs and dragons, and Hogwarts itself, which you get to explore on your way to the Forbidden Journey ride. This theme park really makes you feel as though you have walked out of the muggle world, so if you have not already been, I would highly suggest it for a future vacation.
If you have the money, another vacation suggestion is to look into HP Fan Trips and other tours in which you travel to HP themed places. For instance, places in the UK such as Platform 9¾, Kings Cross Station, and other sites where the movies were filmed. You also don't want to forget to stop by the Elephant House, where Harry Potter was born by J. K. Rowling on a napkin, and The Balmoral in Edinburgh where the later books were written. Though, if you’re like me and don’t have money to pop over to Europe, you should try a study abroad. If you’re in the UK you should definitely make time to see some HP sites.
If you don't have money to travel to the UK, go to a theme park, or a convention, you can always listen to Wizard Rock in the comfort of your own home. Wizard Rock or Wrock are songs about Harry Potter, which, if you like Harry Potter, you should really enjoy. Some bands are really good and you don’t even have to know anything about Potter to listen to them. Though there are some Wrock bands in which the lead vocalist can’t really sing so you really only listen to it because it’s wizard rock. Also I must warn you, like all music, some can be a bit off color, although that is no reason not to listen to good bands like the Ministry of Magic, Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls, and The Parselmouths. Those are my favorites, but there are so many out there you can listen to. 
If you're tired or not as interested in just listening to music there are so many Harry Potter games you can play, that I personally, can’t list them all. There are board and card games like Uno, Clue, Chess, Scene It, and there are also many video games. For all you sports lovers out there, give Quidditch a try. If you really like Quidditch, maybe get a team together and form a BYU Quidditch team. As for myself, I have a deck of HP cards that was used to play spoons at my last HP Party. Speaking of Harry Potter Parties, I strongly encourage them to be thrown, or attended, especially on July 31st. I feel every fan should do something on the 31st of July to commemorate Harry and his creators’ birth.
Ever wonder why inches not centimeters are used on wands, how Petunia and Vernon met, or how the sorting hat was thought up? This information can found on Pottermore which is an amazing interactive way of receiving new information from J.K. Rowling herself. It opens to the public in October but some were let in early. Having entered Pottermore early I can testify that it is truly amazing. You can learn about the sub characters more than you ever would just by reading the books, because in the book you only really see what Harry and Voldemort see, and they don't see everything J. K. Rowling has imagined. For instance, you find out the whole back story of Professor McGonagall, what happened to Neville’s pet frog Trevor, and that one of Professor Quirrell’s hobbies was pressing flowers. Instead of writing another book J. K. Rowling created Pottermore. If you would be willing to read another book by J. K., then you should access Pottermore.
There is so much you can do that there is no reason not to be doing something. Whether it’s a Convention, theme park, Wrock concert, special places in Europe, games, Pottermore, or just reading and rereading the books, do something to keep the Wizarding World alive, even if you’re just a muggle.


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